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BetterEnglish4U can help you learn to speak, understand, pronounce, read, and write better English, taught by a very experienced, professional ESL teacher. By improving your English, you will be better able to achieve your personal and professional goals.

​Improve Your English

How can BetterEnglish4U help you?

Improve your speaking fluency, pronunciation and reduce your foreign accent.

Feel more comfortable and confident when speaking English.

Become acquainted with English vocabulary and idioms.

Learn accurate English grammar and syntax.

Improve your academic reading and writing.

Get higher grades on assignments and research papers.

Increase your job opportunities and expand your professional network.

Flexible schedules.
Reasonable rates.
Individual or small group instruction.

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Services Offered

In person, online or virtual instruction by Zoom.
Payment by cash or Pay Pal.

Speaking, pronunciation and accent reduction

Grammar and syntax

Vocabulary and idioms

Academic writing and research papers

University-level English

TOEFL and IELTS test preparation

Editing and proofreading

Customized English for work projects or college courses

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“I sincerely appreciate the help and instruction from Professor Rahilly. Her teaching has assisted me in getting more comfortable in English as a second language. Her charisma and kindness also played an important role during such an anxious period.”

Tianhyu, China

“I have had the honor of being a student of Professor Marilyn Rahilly at George Mason University’s English language institute, as well as a personal tutor. I say with great confidence that her classes were the best that I have had in my life. Professor Rahilly has a unique approach to teaching that makes her classes absolutely memorable and engaging. Her students find themselves looking forward to her classes and feeling obligated to match her enthusiasm and dedication. She is a high cultured individual who employs all of her resources with genuine care and thoughtfulness in a way that makes it nothing short of an authentic experience. You will remember her classes all your life.”

Abdul-Aziz, Saudi Arabia

"Taking a class with Professor Rahilly was a turning point in my academic and professional career. My first writing assignment in her class was terrible and I got many corrections. However, her comments and corrections made me review English grammar and spelling. Besides, the requirement of making oral presentations in her class was a good challenge that opened my mind and elaborated my thoughts. I really appreciate Marilyn's excellent instruction and I hope other students will join her classes."

Po-Liang, Taiwan

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About Me

Marilyn K. Rahilly has had extensive experience teaching English as a second language to a wide diversity of international students in various academic and professional settings, both in the United States and abroad in South Korea, Japan, Egypt, Peru, Italy, Costa Rica, and Taiwan, where she was a Senior Fulbright Scholar. She currently teaches ESL part time in community colleges, adult education, and English for Academic Purposes university programs.


Marilyn’s areas of expertise include academic writing, grammar, reading, vocabulary, and accent reduction. Besides English, her native language, Marilyn speaks Spanish, French, and Italian. She earned a B.A in Romance Languages from Indiana University, an M.A in Bilingual Education from the University of Texas and a Ph. D in Multicultural-Multilingual Education from George Mason University. In her spare time, Marilyn enjoys traveling, reading, bird watching, walking, watching movies and attending the performing arts.

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571 -375 4124

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500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158  /  Tel. 123-456-7890

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